Thursday, September 2, 2010

Devil' Saddle

West of Cagliari's beach, Poetto, there's a promontory, called Davil' Saddle, which has a peculiar shape.

There's a lore about it. The legend goes back into time, when Lucifer declared war against his Father and Brothers. With his army of traitor angels, he fought a terrible battle against God's angels, to conquer the Gulf near Cagliari.

Lucifer was inciting his devils, riding his dark steed in the sky, so arrogant and sure of the victory he did not see the Archangel Michael coming to fight him. With his shiny scale and sword, Michael smote the traitor army, then turned to Lucifer, and with a tremendous blow unseated the enemy.

In his fall, Lucifer hit violently a promontory near the sea.

The angel saved the Gulf, which is now known as "Golfo degli Angeli" (Angels Gulf). The promontory was slashed by Lucifer's fall, and today its name is a memory of that hit: "Sella del Diavolo", The Devil' Saddle.

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