Monday, November 2, 2009

Some fan art 2: Darkly Drawing Dexter

What I like about some US TV shows is that they have the guts to take on screen some stories and situations that often Cinema avoid. Dunno why, maybe there's more freedom, but I'm not so sure about it.

Just think about some great series, like Six Feet Under, Mad Men, Rome, Battlestar Galactica. They just have a lot of cheek, you must give 'em that.

Dexter is one of this kind. It shows, from the very intro, an apparently normal guy; inside of him, however, lurk a monster, the worse making of the modern society, and I'm not speaking of a politician...Something less worse, a serial killer! A serial killer's serial killer.

Here lies the dilemma: what Dexter does is bad, because he kills people, and in a quite violent, wicked way; but he kills criminals, other wicked people, cheap low life. The entire TV show plays with our morals and ethics, it slaps in our face our limits and our hypocrisy, because with our brain we condemn Dexter, but with our heart we hope he doesn't get caught and eventually killed.

It's tricky. And a lot of fun, of course.

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