Monday, November 2, 2009


Welcome everybody!

Looking for some serious painting, news, laughs? Hey, there's plenty of blogs out there! Buzz off!

No! I'm joking! I'm ready to deliver all of it, one step at a time!

First of all, I'm an illustrator and animator from Italy.
I love to paint funny people, creatures, stuff in general. In this blog I'll share my works in progress, ideas and more.

It happens I've just started a new exciting "digital painting" course, taught by non other than Bobby Chiu (here some websites: for the school, and for some outstanding illustrations!). In this course, with nine lessons (and assignments too) I'll learn (at least, I hope so) how to master some painting techniques, to improve what I already know, to get a proper professional illustration done and in the end to kick some ass, artistically speaking, of course!

Lesson one was a real workout on contrast, light and dark tones or, to use the title of the lesson, "Visualizing Through Darkness".

The muscle dude you see is what I managed to do, starting from a pencil drawing Bobby Chiu did.

New paintings coming soon!

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