Monday, November 2, 2009


The two fellas you see in the picture are italian politicians from the Left Party. Or what's left of the Left Party.

I painted them after the so-called "Three-el", which is a "duel" between three competitors. Those competitors were, in order of age (and therefore of chance of winning, which in Italy are the same) Pier Luigi Bersani, Dario Franceschini and Ignazio Marino. They were running for the nominee of Secretary of the Democratic Party.

This Three-el took place a couple of weeks ago, and was done to give the voters an idea of this guy's ideas. Beeing a masochist, I watched it.

During the Three-el, Bersani didn't make many efforts, maybe because he was quite sure about the election results. Franceschini and Marino, on the other hand, had their time togheter.

Marino pointed is finger against Franceschini a couple of time, and the latter didn't wait a lot to reply in a grumpy way.

Therefore my painting. What I wanted to show is the idea of Ignazio Marino, which is a surgery for real, showing his usual courteous smile, while cuts open a quite puzzled/worried Franceschini, who maybe didn't ask for a surgery...

By the way, I voted for Marino. If you're wondering where my vote ended up, try looking into the garbage bin.

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